About Us

Who We Are

Material2 is a new kind of Consulting Business, filling a market niche by offering services in Metallurgical Analysis combined with specific Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Testing and Reliability Engineering Expertise.

We provide over 10 years experience in Material Science, Material & Component Testing, Failure Analysis and Design Verification in the Powertrain Engineering Business. As a consulting firm with a new approach in engineering development support, significant reductions in

  • product development lead time
  • development risk
  • product warranty costs

will be achieved. In other words, you will get a better product faster. “New” is the way of linking the various engineering disciplines through the common topic material and reliability engineering. This approach implements an efficient “frontloading” of design requirements which otherwise lead to time consuming development loops.

Material2 was founded in June 2010 and is located in San Diego, California, from where we support our national and international Clients. Thereby we are cooperating with other businesses in order to have the full capacity and the link to the best people for your specific needs.