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Gerhard Oertelt, CEO

Professional Background

Gerhard Oertelt has a Mechanical Engineering Degree and a Masters Degree in Material Science from the University of Leoben, Austria. He is the founder and CEO of Material2 LLC, an independent Consulting Business, supporting the R&D industry in Materials Engineering Challenges.

Upon Graduation in 2000, he worked for AVL (Austria), an independent Automotive Powertrain development company for ~5 years. During this time he was responsible for Component Fatigue Testing, Failure Analysis and Material Development topics for a number of international projects. As senior engineer he was a successful Task Force Leader for an SOP-critical Aftertreatment Truck application. He was also responsible for several Reliability Engineering Projects for major Automotive Companies in Europe and the US and helped develop a new Reliability Engineering Methodology.

He was with Alpps Fuel Cell Systems (Austria) for one year as the Scientific EU-Project Coordinator, working on Alternative Energy Systems such as Diesel Solid Oxide Fuel Cell APUs.

In 2006 he moved to California to work for Carrillo Industries. As senior engineer, he was in charge of new Connecting Rod developments for the Racing Industry. In close interaction with customers he supported the teams in optimizing the products for their specific needs and carried out failure analysis. He analyzed and improved production processes with respect to forging, heat treatment and machining.

At Liebherr Machines Bulle S.A., Switzerland he started in 2009 as a Material Scientist and Reliability Engineering Specialist to support Heavy Duty Diesel Engine and Hydraulic System Development. In this position he built up a Materials Laboratory for Production l Inspection and Failure Analysis. He engaged in internal Material Consulting activities and Supplier Process Developments. He was further taking the lead in a Task Force for a critical development topic.

In over 10 years professional experience, Mr. Oertelt continuously worked in material related engineering tasks, being the interface to the various engineering disciplines.

Publications / Awards

Oertelt, G., Babu, S. S., David, S. A., Kenik, E. A. 2001. Effect of Thermal Cycling on Friction Stir Welds of 2195 Aluminum Alloy. Welding Journal 80(3): pp. 71-79.

Warren F. Savage Award, for the greatest contribution to the understanding of welding metallurgy published in The Welding Journal during the year 2001.