Failure Analysis

Material2 will provide state of the art failure analysis with the focus on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Cooperation with external Laboratories will ensure accessibility to the full spectrum of Analysis Equipment to cover all necessary tasks in metallographic analysis. On-site failure investigation will be offered for complex tasks and critical root cause analysis.

Material and Process Development

Proactive, independent support in material / process specification and development is hardly available on the market and such would provide needed support to businesses with regard to failure avoidance and optimizing products for specific needs.

The mechanical engineering industry has an increasing demand for cost optimization with implementation of new materials and technologies.  This requires very specialized and highly skilled personnel. And Cooperation with Universities and other research institutions will support the execution of research projects.

On-site (supplier) production assessment will be offered by Material2 to support and assess a customer’s production capabilities.

Component Testing - Durability Assessment

For the durability and safety factor assessment of components, dynamic tests of the actual parts are required. These tests allow the evaluation of effects on the entire component processing and the scatter in production quality. This option will be carried out with external development partners with the appropriate dynamic testing equipment. Material2 will provide the Know-How in the specific test system setup and analysis/interpretation of the test results.

Reliability Engineering

Information on customer product usage and system know-how is linked to optimize the product validation in order to meet the reliability goals and to avoid exceeding the warranty cost reserves. The analysis of customer duty cycles and durability tests with mathematically derived component damage models allows assessment of system reliability and to optimization of the testing procedure with respect to costs and development time. In this approach, the client is supported in the implementation of a new development methodology in-house.

Besides training on this methodology, technical assistance is provided in system analysis and derivation of damage models.